Never I can Lose YOU

Published March 13, 2012 by shabamd

I met one of my friend today who was very upset due to the mishaps between her and her beau. She was so low-spirited due to her fear of losing him. The cause of the problem was due to over expectations from both sides. One think I feel is that too much expectations will lead only to mishaps within relationships. The cause of problems in most of the relationships are because of this. People will start avoiding the other when their expectations are not met. I do feel that everyone must realize this in order to maintain a peaceful relationship with each other since “Starting a relationship is easy but maintaining it is difficult” .

Anyhoo..I have just tried to portray her feelings in words of mine…

Splendid were the moments with you

Stupefying were the thoughts about you

You were the best.

But the pain of you avoiding me

Makes me doleful.

It causes the fear of losing you

Whatever ebbs and flows happens in our life

I need you by my side forever.


Published March 13, 2012 by shabamd

Hello people..

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I’m Shabana, a girl equally interested in both reading and writing but just budded up writing poetry. Here in my blog I will be sharing some of my poetry and few articles which were born in my heart’s vision. Hope you people enjoy… 🙂


My Boon Companion..

Published March 12, 2012 by shabamd

Friendship is one of the  purest relationship that exists on earth.  We trust this relationship a lot that we share almost everything with our friend.  A friend laughs along with us in joy and at the same time don’t deny to lend their shoulder when we are in worry. I respect this relationship and also my buddy-buddy who made my tearful days a cheerful one..:)

These line goes out for you my FRIEND…

You stood by me when others left

Embracing me with your care

By giving idealistic thoughts

For my weeping heart.

You kindled the enlivening muse in me

That was lost in distress.

My droopy eyes were enlightened

By your hearty words.

Your nourished and chirpy relationship

Made the comeback of me.

These are the words

Written down from my heart that

Your relationship is something

That I will treasure forevermore.


Published March 12, 2012 by shabamd

You made me to feel warm and secure

By holding me in yours

And that was just perfect.

But now I feel too low

Longing for snuggles and cuddles from you.

The nuggets of love that you gave

Made me feel as a princess.

Our love is perpetual

That can’t be put in a nutshell.